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President Donald Trump will address the Values Voter Summit on Saturday, the White House confirmed.

#1 grandson

We had the best time with Adin last week. Visits to the Boston Aquarium, the Children’s Museum (lunch at the Barking Crab) and the Roger Williams Park Zoo


!20190321_123131“Hello! I was going to park there.”

!Adin at Aquarium (21)

The best aquarium ever!

!20190321_140920“Mmm! Wood flavored ketchup! The best!”


!Adin at Zoo (11)

“SORRY! But this is much more interesting than animals. This red thing needs to be OPEN.”


!Adin at Zoo (15)!Adin at Zoo (32)

“Okay. So elephants are cool too.”


Why do they call it The Barking Crab?

The Great Leveling

Nice to read Steven Pinker supporting my 2011 post as he writes, “extreme poverty has plummeted and may disappear; and both international and global inequality coefficients are in decline. Now, it’s true that the world’s poor have gotten richer in part at the expense of the American lower middle class, and if I were an American politician I would not publicly say that the tradeoff was worth it. But as citizens of the world considering humanity as a whole, we have to say that the tradeoff is worth it.” excerpted from Enlightenment Now: the Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress, Pinker, 2018.

My 2011 post:

“Briefly describe how you would improve the [U.S.] economy more quickly – without a revolution.” with credit to Alan Kitty at .. []

Wow. Lots of great ideas here. It’s like a …hmm…now, when’s the last time you heard the term “Think Tank?”

I take a MACRO-view because that is what I feel most confident in.

1. Private and government think tanks need to be given the highest priority possible. This includes 100% sharing and cooperation between both types.

2. Those organizations should focus ONLY on QOL/SOL [quality of life/standard of living] issues …in the global economy framework.

3. If we only focus on individual facets of one economy, how would we achieve any improvement in QOL/SOL which are made up of dozens of measures? It’s like trying to wave off one raindrop at a time rather than opening the umbrella.

For a decade I have been talking about what I call “The Great Leveling.” People of good-will want everyone on the planet to have high QOL/SOL. As that is happening some national/regional economies will suffer while others grow. The most developed nations might suffer the most while The Great Leveling is in process. All of this is being accelerated by global communications becoming as easy as talking with the person sitting next to you. A focus on QOL/SOL, I believe, is the best way for any developed country to identify ways to minimize relative decline and maintain strength in the global economy. * Wikipedia and the World Bank are places to start to examine QOL measures.



I am very proud of my cousin, Barbara Buck, who had the incredible bravery to share this on her FB page:

“Why I Believe Her

“I don’t remember how, or even why, I was in that house. In the two years I’d lived next door, I’d never been inside.
I don’t remember why I was running down the dark, and darkening, hallway. Was it a game?
I don’t remember his first name. He was home from college, very tall, dark hair, he wore glasses and had on a short sleeve shirt.
In the hallway, an opening, an area with windows, and a bed.
I turned, and he was there. He picked me up and threw me – backwards – on to the bed. As he approached, he seemed to slow down, and he grew giant-tall. Suddenly, I couldn’t see or hear. My heart pounded like a wild horse set free, and I whispered, only in my head, “my heart, my heart.”
I don’t remember how I got home.
I know I told no one.
Usually brave, I became skittish. I looked over my shoulder; ran when I could have walked. I became dark, brooding.
I sat in my closet for hours. My memories suddenly had no people in them.
I don’t remember what day or month it was.
I don’t remember the season.
I don’t remember so much of that day. There are many, many days and months and years after I can’t recall.
All I remember is the terror.
The absolute helpless, powerless feeling that, against my will, I was becoming nobody.
I was 8.”


Deutsch-Ostafrika, Giraffe

Successful Kill, early 20th Century, German East Africa

This past June there was a ton of outrage expressed online over the killing of a beautiful giraffe in South Africa by a Kentucky hunter. As I have often said “There are two sides to every story. Or is it five?” While living and working in Africa for two years I learned that many countries on that continent have successful conservation programs to protect many species including the giraffes. While I do not know the backstory of this particular hunt of an 18-year old giraffe, I do know that hunters often pay Rand or NAM$50,000-150,000 for the experience. These fees are usually a large portion of the funds required to maintain a successful conservation effort. I also know that giraffes are not an endangered species. Many of these countries have such meager tax bases that important conservation programs would not be possible without hunting fees. Usually the hides and meats of the slain animals are freely given to the poor people in local villages. A 4,000 lb. giraffe would provide nearly one ton of meat. The protein rich food rarely, if ever, goes to waste. Typically, the conservation authority plans carefully when issuing a license to hunt and animals that are too old to mate are usually targeted. I understand the emotional responses to seeing a hunter astride a dead giraffe, rhino, lion etc. The photo ops may be in poor taste, but the killing of the giraffe benefits many when the targets are selected by those managing the conservancy. I would not expect Frank Purdue to pose for press photographers with a hatchet in his hand and his boot on top of a mound of bloody chickens. Even so, I enjoyed my chicken parmesan tonight. So unless you object to a big game hunt as a strict vegetarian or vegan believing that no animal should be eaten, please consider the other side of the story. I am not a vegetarian, so I can’t claim to be horrified over hunting a giraffe. I’ve enjoyed kudu, oryx, springbok, goat, pig, ostrich, rabbit, bison, sheep, deer, turkey, chicken, beef, horse, frog and dozens of species of fish and shellfish [,,,and I may now add water buffalo raised and served hamburger-style right here in southern Ohio]. (The Mopane caterpillars… not so much.) And I appreciate how much income is required to maintain a conservancy that ensures certain species will continue to grow in numbers.

How to divide your own country

So yesterday an old college fraternity brother – call him Greg – sent an email to some buddies and the subject line brought promise of a nostalgic walk down memory lane: “Fwd: toy gun adds.”

As a boy growing up in the 50’s and loving the Cisco Kid, the Lone Ranger, Hoppalong Cassidy, Kit Carson, Roy and Dale and many more, I already had a grin of anticipation at the subject heading. You see, I had a few really swell toy guns back then, dual holsters for my six-shooters and cattle brands on my Thom McCann shoes. My cowboy hat was red felt and so neat! I had a real coonskin cap and a rubber Bowie knife (for the rubber bears in the woods). If we had to play the Injun, we’d make bows and arrows by hand.

The body of the email message contained a link to a youtube video. More anticipation. But the personal message was, “Ahh, When America was great! I can only imagine the Libs convulsing if these were aired today. Funny, the kids who grew up on this aren’t the ones shooting people. Great stuff!” I immediately came to a full and disheartening stop at the edge of the chasm ‘Greg’ had created. I didn’t even bother to view the video until today. It’s what you would have expected to see from Mattel in black and white, TV ads from the 50’s. Nostalgia. I did not convulse. Today from the White House, “We continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide the United States.” Isn’t ‘Greg’ doing that as well?

Picture Cuba 2018

Cuba satellite mapAFTER this pictorial post you will find some narrative text.  Feel free to post questions and comments at the end…

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Geared up for the zip line.


The beach was also beautiful!


On Papa’s bed: to the right “Hemingway, wife in plane crash” and on the left next to Ike’s photo “HEMINGWAY’S SECOND PLANE CRASH” 

DSCN1213DSCN1219FramptonFramptonFSCN1174Lester Campa

The art of Lester Campa [above]

Papa at home

Obama strolls past the sand painting in 2016.

sand painting mural 2016