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Perspective: Having coffee in your kitchen one morning and you sense something is not quite right. The next instant you are no more. Some asteroids are too fast to detect early. “On March 23, 1989 an asteroid passed within earths orbit only 400,000 km away. This asteroid is presumed to be larger than an aircraft carrier with kinetic energy over 50,000 times as powerful as the Hiroshima nuclear bomb explosion. This asteroid was only detected six hours after it passed through our orbit, and would it have collided, millions of people would have died instantaneously. Although it was a very fortunate near miss, it is because of this asteroid (named 1989FC) that the threat of asteroids and comets was finally brought into the political arena.”


… and by heart disease: 610,000 annual deaths in the U.S.

Trumped Up News


I’m sure that by now it is clear to all that in 1949 when Donald John Trump was just three years old he was abducted and replaced with this KGB agent, a young boy who had already received twelve months of deep cover training. Unfortunately, his parents Fred and Mary, never knew the difference as the boy’s nannie, also KGB, skillfully hid the truth from the family. Only when he met and wed Ivana Zelníčková in 1977 was his subconscious identity triggered: the world’s most dangerous sleeper agent.

Real or Fake?

Turkey assumes USA staged Istanbul night club attack

06.01.2017 | Source:

Turkey assumes USA staged Istanbul night club attack. 59557.jpeg

Source: Twitter

Turkey may revise the question about the deployment of the airbase of the US-led international coalition in Incirlik, Reuters reports. The Turkish administration may make the decision due to Ankara’s disappointment with the lack of US support for its operations in Syria.

Noteworthy, soon after the most recent terrorist act at a night club in Istanbul, Turkish officials suggested the country should close the US air base in Incirlik and finally turn away from Washington to look for new allies.

In an interview with Sputnik, authoritative security expert Jevad Galiyashevich noted that the US administration of Barack Obama was violating the laws of its own country, while President Obama was arming terrorists instead of fighting with them. The terrorist attack at a night club in Istanbul came as an obvious attempt to avenge Turkish President Erdogan for his rapprochement with Russia. The Americans put their terrorist dogs on Erdogan to humiliate him and put pressure on Turkey to make the country step away from its plans to regulate the crisis in Syria, the expert added.

The attack on Reina night club in Istanbul took place on New Year’s night. A terrorist armed with an automatic rifle opened fire on people inside the club. There were more than 700 guests in the club at the moment of the attack. The terrorist killed 39 people, including the security guard and 16 foreigners, 69 were wounded.

Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit tweeted a photo collage of outgoing US President Obama as the Istanbul terrorist, on which Obama does bear a striking resemblance to the Istanbul shooter. The caption to the picture said: “Clearest photo of the murderer.”


– See more at: http://www.pravdareport.com/news/hotspots/terror/06-01-2017/136573-turkey_istanbul-0/#sthash.Y8tPmtsK.dpuf



Honoring the Peace Corps Tradition Dec.29, 2016

“Peace Corps…. Say that aloud a few times. Then listen. As those words roll off the tongue, your spirit should soar. Just hearing the Peace Corps in a sentence sends the message of solace around the world.”

See more at: http://www.pravdareport.com/world/americas/29-12-2016/136537-peace_corps-0/#sthash.eTJ2oS1g.dpu

Venturing farther afield than DC

“When pondering his ‘new’ foreign policy initiatives, President Elect Donald Trump should venture farther afield than Washington, D.C. Like John Kennedy, the Peace Corps should be his message of assurance to the outside world; and that he is serious. Consider the alternatives. Over the past five decades, the prior U.S. regimes including the current one, all with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan, pursued regime change through military force as the nexus of their foreign policy. If America truly wants to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of its neighbors, then the U.S. government has to turn 180 degrees. A pivot to a revived Peace Corps is a good start; it is an excellent catalyst to make America great again.”



“And the world will be as one.”

John Lennon

A World Struggle to Make Life Free and Peaceful for All


November 30, 1944. In two weeks I would celebrate my first birthday and my Grandma Grace bought a War Bond in my name.  An investment in the “fight for human liberty.” The ROI was to be Peace and Freedom for all. How are we doing?

What if you must choose between FOOD and FREEDOM?

What if you believe you must kill people to be at PEACE?


The Next Moment

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  –   John F. Kennedy


Last week we saw the new movie Jackie. Overall I was disappointed in the movie, some of the casting, the story line and some other directorial choices, but the acting prowess of Natalie Portman was very impressive. I cannot imagine another actress portraying Jackie so well. Then just yesterday I came across this November 1963 UConn Calendar of events. (I think my mother had held onto it because my father came up to Storrs for Dad’s Day, the first weekend of November.) Twice in one week I was reminded of the moment when I heard of the assassination. On November 22nd, I was a young sophomore walking in front of the Girl’s  Gymnasium on the Storrs campus and a small group of students were in a high state of agitation telling passersby that Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.


This book was originally written while he was still a senator. Subsequently, after gaining the presidency, JFK called on Congress to undertake a full reevaluation of immigration law; and he began to revise the book for further publication. In August 1963, excerpts of the 1958 pamphlet were published in the New York Times Magazine. He was assassinated before completing the revision, but the book was published in 1964 with an introduction by his brother, then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. In 2008, the book was re-issued by the Anti-Defamation League. The book contains a short history of immigration, an analysis of the importance of immigration in the country’s history, and proposals to liberalize immigration law. And so it goes. Moment by moment. Each forms the next.