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Henna decoration in the Old Fort                               photos: B.Rugen

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Slave and spice trades were the foundations of this island economy. This moving reminder is set in the shadow of cathedral and mosque.



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The altar was placed intentionally above the exact spot where the whipping post once stood.

The Anglican cathedral Christ Church (or Church of Christ) is a landmark historical church in Stone Town, Zanzibar, as well as one of the most prominent examples of Christian architecture in East Africa. It was built in ten years, starting from 1873, based on a vision of Edward Steere, third Anglican bishop of Zanzibar, who actively contributed to the design. As most buildings in Stone Town, it is made mostly of coral stone. It has a unique concrete roof shaped in an unusual barrel vault (that was Steere’s idea) and the overall structure mixes perpendicular gothic and islamic details. The cathedral was consecrated in 1903 and named after the Canterbury Cathedral.


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Care to have your henna art today?

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