Struggling, but holding heads high

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So many thoughts and feelings about these women we know when I first read this today…

Copyright: Anna Tervahartiala, photo-journalist.

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Photography & Journalism

The morning sun streams through the yellow curtains and paints the hallway gold. All is peaceful. The silence of the sun is only broken by the steady hum of a sowing machine. Four women sit around a big table and busy themselves with handicrafts. They are employees of the Karas Huisen Kraft centre.

“We give work and shelter to women from vulnerable positions,” Gertruida Apollus, the manager of the centre begins.

“All the women who work here are affected or infected by HIV or Aids. Most of the women are single mothers,” the manager continues.

Karas Huisen Kraft was founded in the Tseiblaagte neighbourhood of Keetmanshoop in southern Namibia in 2004 as an initiative supported by the government of the Czech Republic. The centre was founded in order to give women a means of making a living, both for themselves as well as their families. The women were trained…

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