JubileePosterWell I am still savouring those ten days in December. The rather Western experience keeps rolling around in my mind and I’m beginning to understand why. It was ORGANIZED. People were WELCOMING. We had a COMMON CAUSE. We were part of a TEAM. We were RESPECTED and HONORED. We gave and received SUPPORT as needed. We served a COMMUNITY. We met NEW PEOPLE. We were surrounded by human ENERGY, RESOLVE and COMMITMENT. Barbara and I were treated as GUESTS by dear hosts who welcomed us into their HOME. MUSIC was all around us. Choir Master, Dr. Andre Thomas was delightful as was Theo Cookson…two amazing talents full of warmth and good will. Rehearsal Pianist, Vera Malherbe was like a rock, always there to provide the “real notes and tempo.” We were honoured to sing with younger and older talent: Christof Brock, Cathy McRoberts, Salomon Kinda, Engelhardt Unaeb, Siegi Juhnke, Elvis Hoxobeb, Markus Tjiposa, Ivan Scheffers, Willem Paulus, Eva Petrus, Johnny Pombili and others whose names I didn’t catch. Never in my life did I expect to sing Handel and Mendelssohn pieces (even hiding in a large choir!). And the arrangements by Dr. Thomas were well chosen and spot on. Hats Off to organizer Christiane Berker and sponsors including Bank Windhoek which sponsors the entire Summer Arts Festival in Swakopmund.


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In Namibia with the U.S. Peace Corps July 2014 - July 2016. View all posts by Steve Link

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