Jewish Community in Namibia

Looks like I haven’t written in a while and it is because we are busy, busy and busy with several projects, multiple clients and a few social gatherings.  Just ran across this well-written article.  I don’t think we’ve met a Jewish person in Namibia.

Barbara is meeting with a leader at the southern campus of UNAM and she is excited about the prospect of teaching a marketing class there next year.  I am about to visit an embroidery training session across town to see who is there and interested as future entrepreneurs.  I’ll probably know a few of the attendees.  And I want to meet the instructor who is from Cape Town.  Later I’ll get back to preparing a 3-day workshop in business, sales and marketing.

For now, here is the current status of The Way (or the Dog Leg to and from our front door!).  And my beautiful and talented wife just before sundown hunting for rocks to complete The Way.

rock hunting before sundown The Way

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4 responses to “Jewish Community in Namibia

  • Diana Link

    WOW! That is beautiful !! My LOVE to both of you !


  • Julia Voyles

    Love it! You both are candiates for Gardening Show!! Happy Mother’s Day Barb. Stay safe!!! Julia

  • Mary hewitt

    Steve and Barbara, that is a very beautiful path. Kind of symbolic??
    It is great to read about your activities in Namibia.

  • Barbara

    Thank-you Steve, I understand why this Jewish Community was unable to survive and it comes down to one Word for me. The Economy of the region cannot support a Jewish Community or. Any other Specific Religious Affiliation other then Christian who support Missionary Work in the country. Fondly, ( the other B)

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