Weavers and Giants

It is a bit confusing when I see this sparrow-like sociable weaver bird [a Google image] because the birds we saw flying in and out of the nests were the colourful peach-faced lovebirds.  Perhaps the latter usurped the former’s space?

Just up the road from the Quiver Tree Forest is Giant’s Playground where huge boulders appear to be stacked up and balanced by giants playing Blockhead.  You can see in the last photo that the explanation is in weathering and erosion of the softer veins which run horizontally and vertically.  When the erosion is deep enough the pieces fall apart leaving some stacked and some fallen.

Just learned that the parakeets/love birds lay their eggs in the weavers’ nests and leave the parenting to the weavers!  Such a deal.

Sociable Weavers (Philetairus socius) in their nestaaa sociables nestLovebirds

a aa (2)


[click a pic to enlarge]

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