Ek belowe nie Engels praat

Hyrax capThe hyrax makes homes/burrows among the rocks.   They are cute and plentiful.

Our Afrikaans lesson Thursday was “fieldwork.”  Carina drove us to see the quiver trees, Giants Playground and cheetahs.  We had a picnic among the hyrax and weaver birds.   I struggled to (almost) keep my promise to speak no English during the adventure.  Carina and her husband have three beautiful children and it was a true delight to spend some time with them.

Kids and Catsfeeding timeBarbara Carina and mooi kindersthe girlsno so giant playgroundblack rockeen bloume

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In Namibia with the U.S. Peace Corps July 2014 - July 2016. View all posts by Steve Link

3 responses to “Ek belowe nie Engels praat

  • Diana Link

    OH! These are WONDERFUL !!! AND you are both looking GREAT!

    LOVE, Mom

  • Bobi

    Wow! The trees are so different looking! And, the nests look soft. Were you able to get close to them? Are they soft?
    The goldfinches are flocking here. They must be heading to their summer homes. We have lots of them eating and singing. Spring is here!!! Yay!!!
    It’s good to see you both looking happy again.
    Love, Bobi

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