In like a lamb…

14 Dec 14 (7)

Welcome March.

Every Saturday Barbara and I walk just up the street to Shoprite with our weekly grocery list and two backpacks.  So yesterday, with a much shorter list and no backpack I sauntered off to do the shopping.  Bad timing!  In Namibia if the end-of-month falls on a weekend, do NOT go shopping that day.  Why?  PAY-DAY!  The grocery store crowds are worse than Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Saks combined pre-Xmas.  Half the population was inside Shoprite with each check-out line 15 to 20 people deep.   I bagged a handful of bananas, looked at the lines and put the bananas back.  Turned and walked out.  Had a nice cheese omelette for dinner.  No problem.

Sunday morning I tried again and the lines were quite tolerable.  And, “Yes, we have no bananas!”  (But we have lots of white cars and vans…as you can see.  They reflect the sun’s heat.)

I do miss my Sunday treat!

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5 responses to “In like a lamb…

  • Elle Eddy

    Hi Steve, I’m hoping Barbara gets back”home” with a good health report. I greatly enjoy your posts. Your comment about bananas made me remember my trip to Africa. In 3 countries, we never once saw a banana! Passed miles of banana farms on the drive from Pretoria to Johannesburg but not one to eat. I’m starting to look at another trip to Africa. If I go it will be to Tanzania; I would like to see one of those huge migrations. Your stone walk looks quite elegant. Cheers, Elle

  • Lee Ketcham

    Your postings provide such wonderful insights into a country, the lives of the people and your life confronting new realities. What do you typically eat? The quantity of choices we have in the USA in contrast to other countries – ones we take for granted – are sorely missing from the lives of so many.
    We are blessed and you help me remember that!
    Hugs to you.

  • kokeefecomey

    Hi- I will never again complain about a line of 3 ahead of me at the super market. It is so interesting that what is produced is not available for consumption. We look forward to all of your blogs. They are not only informative, FUNNY, etc. but they keep us in touch with our dear friends. You are a click away! Much love to you both, Karen and Andy

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