Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone …but it sure is HOT!

Saturday afternoon = 93 F right now.

Last night before dinner I gathered a few stones for our walkway.  Returning to the “compound” I passed neighbors who were sitting outside chatting as the sun had set and the heat had turned to mere warmth.  Charmaine asked if I missed Barbara.  I said Yes, but that I had been alone before when Barbara would travel to Saudi Arabia, Europe or Malaysia for her business.  Charmaine said, “Well you’re not alone.  We are all here.”  I almost cried.  As I settled down with a movie and my “mean bean” creation there was a knock at the door.  It was Charmaine’s husband Paul with two bottles of wine.  He said, “Would you like one?  I’ll let you choose.”  I was happily surprised and very grateful. We always have some cheap box wine on hand and I’d planned to have a few glasses, but this South Africa Shiraz was so good that I emptied the bottle as the movie ended.

“What movie did you watch?”  Thought you might ask.  It was Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, sort of autobiographical of Chuck Barris the looney host of The Gong Show and creator of the Dating Game and the Newlywed Game TV series.  I enjoyed it.  It was nicely done, quite clever with a very solid cast (and even tiny cameos by Pitt and Damon).

Barbara should have just landed in ATL for a layover before heading to Cinci where she is having some med tests at Christ Hospital.  Assuming the results are all good news, she will surely have a good time with old friends.  I miss her and worry about her and hope this will turn out to be more of a vacation for her.  We should know for sure by Weds or Thurs.

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6 responses to “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone …but it sure is HOT!

  • Bobi

    I hope Barbara’s tests go well. You are lucky to have such nice neighbors (friends). I love the haircut! You look very sophisticated. Stay well. Best of luck to both of you.
    Love, Bobi

  • Marjorie Fox

    Sent email to Barbara to call me! Make sure she sees it Steve.

  • Foster

    Sorry it has to be under these circumstances, but we’re looking forward to seeing Barbara and pleased to be among those here in Cincy who have a chance to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble while here!

  • Helene Sedwick

    Barb has arrived safely – taking a much-needed nap. We’ll take good care of her.


  • Diana Link

    Hi! Steve, I am sorry that Barbara had to leave you. I hope she is alright. AND I hope and pray that YOU will be alright also !!! Please keep in touch. Bless you !

    LOVE, Mom

  • Lee Ketcham

    Barbara is about to see a Cincinnati snow storm. Weather forecasters are ramping up ominous predictions for extraordinary proportions – 8 or more inches of snow. We just arrived home from being away for 2 months, in Florida, so should predictions materialize we too will be astounded and amazed.
    Lee and Don

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