Dias Point

the bridge at Dias Point

On our second visit to Luderitz last weekend we toured Dias Point.  A twenty minute ride from the town, Dias Point and the surroundings could serve as the perfect location for filming an eerie scifi film.  The moonscape desolation is fun to see.  It allows the imagination to run wild.

From the Buchter News: “The bridge at Dias Point collapsed following the gale force winds on Saturday 15th November [2014]. This was not wholly surprising – the bridge had been closed for a few weeks due to its poor condition. No one was hurt; however the collapse is disruptive to tourists and visitors, for whom the bridge is necessary to safely get to the Dias Cross. [Steve and Barbara had no trouble climbing up to Diaz Cross!]

“Talks about the safety of the bridge had been ongoing for the four months prior to the incident, with involvement from the Ministers of Youth, Sport & Culture, Works Transport & Communications, Trade & Industry, Environment & Tourism, The National Heritage Council (NHC) and local and regional Councils. Luckily the bridge had been closed in a decision taken by the National Heritage Council before it actually collapsed. As one of Luderitz’s main tourist attractions, these talks were kept out of the press until the bridge was deemed too dangerous to remain open.

At the top of Dias Cross we could see and hear the seals on a tiny neighboring island.  Regarding the cross and its history see…  http://www.namibian.org/travel/padrao/dias-cross.html

Red pan pool Dias Point

“Lunar Landscape” on our way to Dias Point, Luderitz, Namibia

Hyena tracks II

I’m pretty sure these are Brown Hyena tracks.  Maybe they prey on the numerous Springbok we saw here. (my knife is 3 5/8″ long, so this is a 4″ front paw plus a smaller hind paw print)

Springbok_NamibiaSpringbok [Google image]

from Gal (3)You can just make out the Dias Cross above Barbara’s pretty face in the background.


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8 responses to “Dias Point

  • Foster

    Love the weather rock (and Babs too, of course!)

  • Diana Link

    Hi! Folks, I don’t know if you will get this.. But I want to thank you for the great updates !!! I LOVE the springbok !!! AND OF COURSE BOTH OF YOU !! Keep enjoying yourselves ! I am SO HAPPY for you !!

    LOVE, Mom

  • Elle Eddy

    Love the weather rock! Some one around there has a great sense of humor. And I think springboks are definitely “designer” animals. Love their markings. Having an interesting time, I trust? Elle

  • Russ Sears

    Dear Steve, I hope your time in Namibia is going well, it appears that is true. I was in group 12 and my site was Luderitz. I am trying to contact a volunteer in Luderitz if there in fact is one. I was in Keet… many times as you might expect. It was a good stopping over point on the hitch to Windhoek back in the day. I spent many hours at those gas stations on the south side of town near the Canyon Lodge or whatever it was called.

    My name is Russ Sears. I taught at the Secondary School there (Luderitz).

    Any information you can get me would be great.

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