The Yin and the Yang

Trying to decide what to say…

I don’t deny the painful struggles, but what about sharing them?  We know about the Yin and Yang.  No dark without light.  No up without down.  No death without life.

We’ve felt it all recently.  First we lost John ‘JP’ Petersen.  His body was found 15 km downstream five days after he attempted a swim in the Kunene River near Epupa Falls on New Year’s Eve.  I have mentioned JP at  and

JP’s memorial service last Weds in Okahandja was very well organized and a powerful tribute to a wonderful young man.  He was one of my favorite people.     JP Petersen


Our Peace Corps Namibia Director of Security lost a close family member in the same timeframe. The day after JP’s memorial gathering, our Country Director lost her sister-in-law.  That same morning my NCCI counterpart and neighbor found his only son, Fabio, 23, had died in his sleep.  It was Fabio who drove us on graduation day from Okahandja to Keetmanshoop on 25-Sept.  We liked Fabio a lot.

Fabio LinksYou can add to those deaths four friends who have passed in Ohio plus Barbara’s cousin in Philly…all after we touched down in Africa 23-July.   Our hearts go out to those families and all who struggle with grief.

So there you have it, the negative side.  Some of the stressors.  (And some others creep in and find the open wounds.)  But we are still to be counted among the luckiest people on earth.  That is evident in my previous blog post.  Last night (Sunday) we had a good Skype call with Oren & Caroline whom we are planning to see this year in Namibia.  Yesterday we collected and gathered some bushes and cacti.  I planted them in our front yard along with ground-cover seeds.  We also began a stone pathway to our front door.  On Saturday Luke and I moved the pile of cement blocks so that visitors won’t have to drive over our plantings.

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