Sun burn UConn cap chin strapFirst Holiday in Luderitz

A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Uncle Zach for letting us stay at his apartment for the week while he was away up north.   Our first hitch-hiking in Namibia worked our very well with a quick pick-up by Henry and his son Brendon, a coffee break in Aus and another quick connect with Joseph.  Both men were friendly and helpful…and their cars were comfortable.  The importance of comfort and condition of car and driver are not to be underestimated.  We have heard some horror stories.

Back in October we had met Zach at Katie’s in Keetmans and were not surprised that he greeted us with warmth and was very accommodating.  He had plans for the evening, so Barbara and I dined at the Nest Hotel.  It was expensive, but worth it for our first night of vacation and after a day on the road.  She had the baked sole and I was very pleased with the kingclip.

That was Saturday.  On Sunday morning I concocted an omelet which we enjoyed before Uncle Zach hit the road to be with friends in Swakop and Okahandja.

Now it is Friday and we have truly enjoyed Luderitz.  It is a sleepy town, but civic pride and the impact of tourist trade are evident.  Streets re clean, people are, for the most part, friendly and it is a port town.  Barbara and I are always most comfortable by the sea.

Yesterday we were on the catamaran and saw penguins by the thousands, seals by the dozens and flamingos, dolphin, 3-4 species of cormorants, gulls and met some new people on Shark Island.  The day before we visited Kolmanskop, the diamond mining ghost town.  We did a walking tour of historic buildings. We walked along the beach a few times and enjoyed a romantic New Year’s Eve huddled under a blanket on a bench at the jetty in Luderitz Bay.

Tomorrow we head back to Keetmanshoop and start a work week on Monday all though next week is still a still week in Namibia until school starts back up on the 12th.

Coffees at Aus Oryx trioBarbara at Kolmanskop without a broom desert dessert Kolmanskop 2 Kolmanskop 4 Kolmanskop 6Kolmanskop Kitchen stencil detail Kolmanskop Kitchen Kolmanskop mirrors KolmanskopBerg Street Houses Church of the Rock 1912 Church of the Rock 1912 Church of the Rock detail Church of the Rock window Church of the RockGoerke House 1910 Goerke House detail stain glass Goerke House windmill window In a Luderitz Shop Window In Luderitz too In LuderitzLions Head Luderitz Dec-Jan 123 lunch on Zach New Years Day cruise Rusted Beetle Sadie in waiting Shark Island Campsites Shark Island Lighthouse Talking Heads 1 z_New Years in Luderitz (163)

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