correction to 14-Dec

14-DEC Beautiful Photos    I am not sure why, but the URL I posted on 14-Dec to share some great photos shot by James Ownby of Ownby Photography does not seem to be ‘clickable’. So, if you Copy and Paste the address into your browser it may enable you to enjoy his work:

CHRISTMAS DAY   We do hope you had a Hanukkah or Christmas or some celebration filled with love and good health.   Barbara and I stayed home…that is, after three hours at the St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church service.

We then enjoyed having “nothing to do” and we REALLY enjoyed our new home as it has been transformed by an air conditioner.   Ha!  Nothing to do.  We made an apple pie!  I needed Barbara’s help with that because she needed my help scrubbing her laptop of a nasty threat known as “” [do not go there]  It took nearly two hours to go through the steps to uninstall and clean out the PUP (potentially unwanted program).  Later than planned we dined on a tender and delicious filet de boeuf with curried vegetables and baked potato, all accompanied by a satisfying False Bay Pinotage 2013 gifted to us by Gabriel, one of our new friends here.  (For the wine aficionados – )  While savoring that Christmas dinner we sang along to The Sound of Music! which I had downloaded from  My Baroness and I really enjoyed reliving the fun we had performing this musical with the Loveland Stage Company.  Every character in the movie brought back memories of good times (a quick 12 years ago) with our LSC cast.

NEXT WEEK     Absolutely every commercial or educational or governmental activity shuts down in Namibia from mid-December to mid-January.  We are taking advantage of the lull to visit Luderitz for a week.  And we are lucky that one of the PC volunteers based in Luderitz is vacating his flat for the week and was kind to let us stay!

Map Namibia2

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