Anniversary Weekend in Swakopmund

Pastry Case at Cafe AntonEveryone who can afford it must vacation in Swakopmund at one time or another.  The weather was cool, breezy and damp.  The beach is beautiful.  Our hotel served excellent German cuisine and pastry for breakfast and lunch.  (Closed for dinner.)  The service and staff were wonderful and eager to help.   Even UCONN Barbie loved the view from our room.  Across the street was the president’s summer house and a historic lighthouse.  And between those two structures and the beach is a communications tower.  How I ever noticed it is a miracle as it is disguised as a palm tree.  Now that’s a first!

The Tug

The Tug for our anniversary dinner, No extra charge for the sea view and sunset!. Recommended!

Barbara's new earrings

Barbara bought new earrings and the next day I bought her a necklace to go with them.

Patient Gulls

Patient gulls…

footprints in the sand

Following my lovely bride. And why not?!

Lighthouse and Summer House

Lighthouse to the left [somewhat hidden by the palms] and the president’s summer residence [used just a few days per year!].

Ocean View

We just arrived at our hotel and Barbie checks out the view.


Communications Tower in cognito…is it also a “phone tree?”

Our dinner at The Tug was perfect and we faced the crashing Atlantic at sunset.  Raw oysters!  Vodka and rum!  A beautiful walk on the beach.   Guinea fowl were everywhere and the hotel had a courtyard with parrots. Barbie in SwakopGuinea Fowl Swakop Guinea Fowl Swakop Com Tower Pier Swakop at SeaB feet in tide B on beach

Stairs just for kids...appealing to families at Schweizer Haus Hotel.

Stairs just for kids…appealing to families at Schweizer Haus Hotel.

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4 responses to “Anniversary Weekend in Swakopmund

  • Lee Ketcham

    What a way to celebrate your anniversary especially after the conditions you’ve embraced for months. Weather, scenery, food, beverages … all food for the soul. Barbie and Barbara have a look of satisfaction. Mazel Tov Lee

  • Wendy Gustafson

    Sometimes you just have to get your feet into the Primal Ooze.

  • Elle Eddy

    Sounds wonderful. You didn’t mention any thieves so it must have been a much safer place. Guess it would be with a big shot for a next door neighbor! What really impresses me is, you managed to get photos of the guinea fowl! I never got a whole bird, they moved so fast everywhere I saw them. Also loved the disguised communication tower. E.

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