Anniversary Getaway

We are really looking forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary in Swakopmund!  Friday night overnight train to Windhoek followed by bus to Swakop.  Fresh seafood even!

[from Barbara]  For once I feel obliged to supplement Steven’s creative writing.  While on duty, we’re expected to live on our Peace Corps stipend.  In fact, it’s Peace Corps mantra that we live as simply as the people we serve.  Unfortunately Steve and I don’t tolerate the heat as well as the Namibians do, especially those whose houses (or huts) are shaded and face away from the sun.  This weekend we’re escaping from the heat to the Oceanside town of Swakopmund.  The occasion: we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary.

            Travel will be typical Namibian and will, I think, be fun.  The train to Windhoek – 350 miles from Keetmans – will take 12 hours on the rickety tracks built by the German colonizers.  So you rent a sleeper car for $9.50 (US), buy a picnic dinner, go to sleep and wake up next morning in Windhoek.  Then it’s a public van (called a kombi) for the rest of the trip to Swakopmund.

            The German colonists were hard on the Namibians, to put it diplomatically.   But even the Namibians love this old German town with its quaint 19th century architecture and ocean breezes.

[click to enlarge]

Swakop Anniversary Getaway

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