SAT, 1-Nov (Oren’s Birthday!)   We are pleased to announce that we are settled into our new flat in Keetmanshoop. In fact, it is so new that on Monday the workers will still be working on the exterior.   And we’ve had our first heavy rain today …and hail! Many thanks to Christian who helped us move some stuff in yesterday and to Hansie who helped us move the remainder this morning.  And Thank You to Nicolaas who helped us identify the breaker box with the geyser switch.  And we are ever grateful to Katie for being a gracious and obliging roommate for over a month.

Hansie arrived at our dorm at 8 AM sharp and helped carry our stuff down two flights of stairs and into his bakki. He is a smart and strapping farmer and made quick work of moving our belongings. We were in the flat unloaded and he was on his way in under 50 minutes! Hansie has a hobby of making real knives. When we were at his home he showed us the equipment and raw materials. I said this morning, “there are no sharp knives in all of Namibia”, and I asked if one day he would make us a good quality kitchen knife and tell us what he would charge. On the way to our flat he stopped at a store and returned with a bag of four sharp kitchen knives!  A gift.  What a good guy.

back doorbadkamer 2badkamer RLR Suite  Day One in the new crib (4)Die slaapkamer


the new geyser

home sweet homewelcome

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  • Diana Link

    So glad things are going well for you both !! I pray it continues that way ! LOVE, Mom

  • Barbara

    Looks like you made it to a warm wonderful new Home!! Congratulations! Privacy at last.. XxxB

    Sent from my iPad

  • Elle Eddy

    Bet you are happy to have your own little nest — and hot water! Even more impressive complete with welcome mat. Love it!

  • Bobi

    Now that you’re settled in to your home, can you post and tell us how your Peace Corps jobs are going? Are you making any headway? Are you enjoying the jobs that you’re doing? What kinds of partnerships have you been able to make with the people in town? How’s the Peace Corps part of your lives going? Is it too soon to know?
    Love to you both.

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