We’ve found a home for the next two years

We are pleased to announce that we have approval from the Peace Corps to occupy a brand new flat which is pictured here.  It is under construction and should be ready for occupancy in about two weeks.  It is small and certainly not as interesting as others we have seen, but it is in town within an easy walk of the NCCI office, grocery stores, bank, shops and directly across the street from our Namibian counterparts, the directors of NCCI and KHC.  It will afford us the privacy we sought and will be fully furnished…and has hot running water!  The bedroom and living room are small.  The kitchen and bath are quite sufficient.  The lot has a house occupied by the owner’s sister and our flat is one of two being built now.  A third flat is planned for the opposite corner of the same lot.  Hopefully, the neighbors will be quiet and dust kept to a minimum.  The street is not paved.  But we are looking forward to settling in to our own place.

[click to enlarge]

Our future home 15 Oct

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