Thank you

In June and July friends and relatives were worried about how we would adjust to our new setting here in Namibia. We were also wondering what levels of discomfort we would encounter. How rural will our new location be? Will we have privacy? Will we have running water or electricity? Will there be flooding or drought? Would we have a looming language barrier before us? Would scorpions, snakes, spiders or mosquitos inject us with fear and distraction? Would we be able to sleep through the night?  What about malaria?  Crime? And, lately, what about Ebola? I am sure many of our friends and relatives felt quite relieved to see postings here and on Facebook of our host family’s home and our accommodations back in Okahandja during our 9 weeks of Pre-service Training. Just having frequent internet connection was a relief as well. I guess my postings conveyed a secure and professional training center. It was just that. The other trainees are all bright, enthusiastic and full of good will. So we and our stateside circle now know that we are not enduring any significant hardship. But we THANK YOU all for caring!

After two weeks in Keetmans, we have met a lot of people. Some are business connections and others are new friends or acquaintances. Some are both. We have looked at several flats for rent and continue to negotiate for our own private space versus the dorm rooms we are using. Internet connection is still frustrating and we are discussing ways to use the NCCI office Wi-Fi more often. The distance is a problem because neither Barbara nor I are crazy about lugging our laptops to and from the office every day. Plus we spend very little time there anyway. Our jobs require us to be “out and about.”

In summary, we are focusing more now on our PC projects and how to make a difference with Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) in southern Namibia. The only personal issues remaining are how to access to our own living space that is in town and learning to live within the PC budget for the next 24 months. The learning is ongoing and that’s the way I like it.

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2 responses to “Thank you

  • Barbara

    Personal space is truly important and I cannot believe that the Peace Corp would have a problem if you are willing to pay with your own money for a rental. Are they that difficult to come by?
    Fyi I was not at all worried about you both in Africa or anywhere in the world. You are strong and very capable of adjusting to all situations.
    Keep us posted of the New Digs when you decide. You must only concern yourself with 1 issue at a time and it all works out as you know.

    Barbara Weinberg

  • Bobi

    I just looked online to see what apartments may be available in Keetmanshoop, but couldn’t find any at all. I hope you have better luck and are able to find a place that works for you. In the meantime, maybe once your work takes off you will be so busy that you won’t miss having your own place and might even get to enjoy having a roommate to compare notes with. Sending good luck wishes and love.

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