Luderitz Sunset in Keetmans

Luderitz Sunset in Keetmanshoop

Sometimes the long walk into town is worth the view!  Heading west on our way to dinner in Keetmans.

MONDAY 6-Sep It was a relaxing weekend overall. I read The Poor and Their Money: microfinance from a twenty-first century consumer’s perspective by Stuart Rutherford and found it useful. Saturday we had a leisurely morning then did our weekly grocery shopping at Shoprite.  We walked back to town in the evening (see sunset pic) to have relaxing dinner at Shooters.  Lasagna with salad for me and a tuna salad plate for Barbara.  Ebbie Mueller was kind to give us a lift back to our dorm as there are rarely taxis in the evening when the streets are deserted!  Katie had gone to Swakop, so we had the place to ourselves all weekend. Sunday was a down day that began well, but turned down for Barbara as she struggled to get on-line to download choir music and other data.  It was good to receive a Skype call from Andy & Sally, but Barbara was too down to have a chat.  Nonetheless, she prepared an excellent chicken dinner with squash and potato (kitchen pic follows).  Also we had to cancel a Skype with Caroline because the internet was too slow.   Our Plan B was to use wifi at Central Lodge for a 7 PM connect, but when I called them they confirmed that there would be no taxis available at 8 PM and we were not about to walk home in the dark.  So we will set up another time to talk with the kids.   I did purchase $25 of Skype credits so that we can have a Skype telephone (not video) chat.  Welcome to Namibia and “Netman, Namibia’s Fastest Internet.”

Today Nicolaas Links, my business counterpart, picked us up at 9:15 and we had a very fruitful meeting at his office.   We discussed Karas Huisen Crafts (KHC) in some detail and then talked about how we might help other businesses in the region.  Nicolaas is going to ask each of the six southern branches of NCCI to identify three businesses we might be able to help.  Initially we will select three or four out of the 18 and develop plans for helping them.

Next we met with Richard Cook at his AngloAmerican office for another view on KHC.  He was very knowledgeable and willing to help us to help KHC get rolling again.   Tomorrow we meet with Pastor Biva who is a member of the KHC board of directors.

After reloading our Netman at MTC, Barbara and I had a nice lunch at Central Lodge today. It rained for half the day and turned too cold and wet for us to walk back in short sleeves and no umbrellas, so we stopped at Spar (grocery chain) for some spices, wine, newspaper and floss; then we took a cab back to the dorm.

Kitchen at Katie's

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3 responses to “Luderitz Sunset in Keetmans

  • Helene Sedwick

    Despite frustrations, it sounds like you are meeting the right people and making progress. Gorgeous sunset!


    Sent from my iPad


  • Foster Winter

    Just catching up on the adventure of Babs and Steve! Fascinating stuff! It’s been a really entry to Q4 business-wise here, but damn the torpedoes, I’m headed to New Orleans for the QRCA conference tomorrow. Also, I guess I never gave you my Skype contact which is Foswin2. We really miss you two, but these updates are great!

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