One week in southern Namibia

We have been here for one week.  Some observations: I was pleasantly surprised that the air seems cleaner than in Okahandja. In addition to the wind here, this is due to sand that is heavier than in Okahandja.  The savannas that surround us allow the wind to blow freely and fairly constantly.   The climate has been quite comfortable except when walking 35-45 minutes to/from the Nurse Home in the heat of the afternoon.  But, once we step inside the flat, it is cool and we have to add a shirt to be warm enough.  There are plenty of windows on both sides of our flat, but the building is cleverly aligned east/west with large overhangs so the sun does not shine in.  But summer has not yet arrived!

Our two rooms…

Nurse Home Steve's workstation Nurse Home Steve's Study and Our DenNurse Home Bedroom and Office

The desert seems endless from our window…

Nurse Home our flat is 2nd floor

Nurse Home savannah from our room

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In Namibia with the U.S. Peace Corps July 2014 - July 2016. View all posts by Steve Link

3 responses to “One week in southern Namibia

  • Helene Sedwick

    By the time your tour is up, you will both be in fantastic shape – all that walking and climbing!

    Choir misses Barb. I especially miss her perfect pitch!


  • Lee Ketcham

    Looks like hostels I’ve stayed in. Do yo have a refrigerator? Where do you go to eat?
    If you hadn’t already learned to enjoy one anothers company this living set up should really do the trick! Good luck dear friends.
    Lee and Don

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