Netman from Keetmans

Tuesday 30-Sep – Yesterday we purchased Netman service, “The Fastest Internet in Namibia” so we are now “connected” in Keetmans (the common nickname for Keetmanshoop).  On Friday at 3 PM we received a gracious, warm welcome from our new roomie, Katie Maus, who is a healthcare PCV living here at the state hospital at the nurse home dorm.  Katie has been here since May when she completed PST.

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Canterbury  We went to church Sunday morning at St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church.  The format of the service was so familiar and alternated between English and Oshiwambo, so we were comfortable even though we were the only light skinned, eurostock out of about 90 parishioners.  Barbara took communion, we sang with the others and joined hands for the Peace.  We were not introduced to anyone and there was no “coffee hour.”  Also, no choir and no instruments in sight.

Off to Canterbury

Barbara Heading to Canterbury for 9 AM Service

Sunday night was very special.  I could see the stress draining away from Barbara’s face and body.  Over the past nine weeks it seemed the demands of training, testing, being on someone else’s schedule, having very little exercise, living with “strangers” and other adjustments to our new environment were bringing her down.  Yesterday, not only did we set our own schedules, but Barbara exercised.  We had a dinner that included a fresh vegetable salad piled high on our plates plus an onion and mushroom omelet…with a glass of chardonnay.  To top it off we then watched a movie and drained the bottle.  (Thanks to Emily Clauss for letting me copy some flicks from her hard drive including Bird Cage with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.) Email for us? our emails

some fav folks

                       As stressful as training was for some, we still miss our fellow PCTs!

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2 responses to “Netman from Keetmans

  • Bobi

    I’m so glad that Barbara is finally able to relax. I noticed a bit of stress in the last picture and was worried. Now that you have a “home” things should (I hope) settle down.
    Love you both.

  • Lee Ketcham

    I liked seeing the floor plan. Whew!!! finally having a place to step out of the “fray.” This must be so very challenging and draining. I talked to Jane about her ambition to hike the Appalachian Trail and she thought is nothing compared to your trek of 27 months in Peace Corp 🙂
    For me? I’m sure each is a challenge of the “extreme kind!”
    You both are my heroes. Oh what learnings there are -everyday, all day and through the night.
    Love you both. Glad there was a chardonnay on hand!!!

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