Sworn In Today!

Steve Eric Tarah and Kaan at Swearing InWe are officially Peace Corps Volunteers!  The swearing in ceremony was moving and a truly happy time blended with mixed emotions around not seeing so many great people for a while.  We will reconnect in early December and I hope most, if not all, of the training staff will be there.

After the ceremonies this pic shows me, Eric and Kaan with the CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Tarah Shaanika (in suit).  We are the three volunteers assigned to work with NCCI, but in different regions.  I also met the Regional Director of NCCI for my region.  His name is Nicollas Links.  He was surprised that my name is Link.  He thought it was an error on the paperwork!  I told him that two or more links make a chain and we would work well together.

At 7:45 Friday Nicollas will pick us up and drive us to Keetmanshoop, about a 5-hour drive.  So we will be “settling in” tomorrow afternoon.  “Don’t touch that dial.”

[Thanks to Lawrence Haw for the photo!]

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5 responses to “Sworn In Today!

  • Wendy Gus

    What a happy day! Congratulations! Sending strengthening prayers daily!

  • Bobi & Ken

    Congratulations Peace Corps Volunteers!! Now, off into the world to do good deeds. Love to you and Barbara.

  • Helene Sedwick

    Congrats! We never doubted you would make it.

    Bill & Helene

  • krista lindy jaeger

    Congratulations Steve & Barbara! Katies swearing in is around the corner. I have not been able to find her new village on any map yet! Mokataka Botswana… border town to S Africa and about 3 hrs south of Gabarone. do you know this place? Katies internent access has been VERY limited thus far. hopefully once she starts her new role she will have more access. Take care! love, Krista

  • Voyles, Julia

    Love the Photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Job

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