The Porch

Sir William & The Porch

Barbara and I are guests of Bill at the Ondangwa Branch of the COSDEC Vocational Schools.  Young learners who are ambitious and ready to hone their skills in one of seven disciplines attend these schools.  Bill is helping to manage this facility and his current success has to do with Olute Foods, which processes and sells a type of millet that is widely consumed in Namibia.   Bill has been a very gracious host.  Here he is preparing the coals on his front porch to make rooste brood (roasted bread).  Not only did he design and make the fireplace; he is also an excellent cook!   Thank you, Sir William.Brumfield rooste brood

Olute Foods Facility


Shadowing Bill



SME INCUBATOR UNITSBarbara yesterday in Bill’s office (where I sit now to compose this post).  

Barbara On-line

  My new buddy…PCT Creativity…or “when a PCT gets creative (bored) with junk.” 

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7 responses to “The Porch

  • Marjorie Fox

    I’m enjoying your posts! Can’t think of anything fascinating to tell you—- Have not been playing tennis or golf….

  • Bobi & Ken

    Did Bill do all of the artwork, including that gorgeous drawing? Lovely!

  • Elle Eddy

    Keep them coming! I love vicarious travel

  • Lee Ketcham

    Fro the photos i say, “Hi there you skinny minnies!!”
    Bet you are at a “lean and mean” weight.
    You’re looking very trim there Mr.Link and Ms. Rugen- not a inch to pinch.
    As you refer to the sculpture generated from creativity – If boredom is the impetus for such a sculpture then let me be bored 🙂
    Always sending warm thoughts your way.
    Lee and Don

  • Foster

    Perhaps your new buddy might want to “buddy up” to UCONN Barbie?

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