Well it was only a 6 hour ride in a kombie (large van for hire) with about 18 other folks all sitting in 10″-wide seats.  It was okay, but my butt was not so happy.   Saw giraffes, antelope, pea-hens, lots of goats, wart hogs, cattle and a baboon sitting atop a 12-foot termite mound.  

Our host is Bill Brumfield and we are enjoying his kind hospitality, conversation and camaraderie.  Last night we sat around the fire while Bill tended to the braai and kept the good South African wine flowing!

About Steve Link

In Namibia with the U.S. Peace Corps July 2014 - July 2016. View all posts by Steve Link

6 responses to “Ondangwa

  • Diana Link

    SO GLAD that things are going well for you. Lots of LOVE, Mom

  • Elle Eddy

    What no guinea fowl?? I spent a lot of time trying to catch a photo of one. They move so fast. Look like they’ve been smashed by a larger critter. Well I clearly don’t know how to insert a photo. They are dark with white spots, Memorize everything for me! Elle

  • Bobi

    It’s a good thing you’re both thin! 10″ seats are pretty tiny. Enjoy your time with Bill. Love you.

  • Lee Ketcham

    Somehow your description brought back a memory of a ride I had in Greece, a bus, riders with their chickens and ducks, and a bumpy road.
    Does the scenery change dramatically over the 6 hours? Obviously you saw many more animals than where you were so that must have been exciting.
    Your adventures are my adventures…thank you! Lee

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