Market Day 2014

Yesterday (Saturday) was Market Day.  Up at 5:50 AM and trekking in to town at 6:40 to help set up.  Here is the press release I composed for the newspapers.

 Market Day press release

Sarah Rosen created this flyer for the event. (click pics to enlarge)

 Market Day flyer by Sarah

Below is Barbara with Belinda Goroes.  Belinda is a passionate social activist who champions the orphans and vulnerable children in the Okahandja area.  Barbara is helping Belinda to explore ways in which she can be more effective in dealing with and gathering others to support her efforts.  Now Belinda likes to go it alone and do things her way…plus she rubs folks “the wrong way” and has trouble recruiting support, so Barbara has a challenge!

Barbara and Belinda

Here is Scott Richmond grilling meat for his business partner to sell at Market Day.  You may have heard that MEAT cooked on an open fire or coals is a huge part of the culture here.  It can be beef, goat, kudu, springbok, donkey, mutton…and many more.  As long as it is meat, we cook it and enjoy it.  Often it is dried like jerky.  Often it is ground into sausage.  I had a sausage yesteday that was stuffed and cooked while I waited.  Scott is in our Group 40 and is assigned to live out his dream for the two years of service – alone in a mud hut with no running water and no electricity.  He is really looking forward to it.


This “bouncy house” was brought up from Windhoek for the kids attending the event.  They had a helluva time!  Fun to watch them in their unbridled excitement.

Bouncy House

Linda Shiimbi is seen here with the mic praising the work of Hakey Gerson [right] a young man who has taken on the responsibility of organizing the business community and heading the Okahandja Small-Medium Enterprise Club.  Linda is our head trainer for the business segments of PST, and she is an Assistant Country Director for the Peace Corps.

Linda and Hackey

Today we cram all day for our Afrikaans midterm exam.  Wish us luck.

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