Finally the location and nature of our assignments are announced!

Yesterday all 47 of us learned where we will be serving (we were a group of 49, but a couple of younger PCTs were sent home due to behaviors that did not respect the Namibian peoples nor represent the Peace Corps in a positive way).  After successful completion of four more weeks of training we will be living and working in Keetmanshoop!  That is about a 5-hour drive south of Okahandja and about 3-hours north of South Africa.  Barbara will be working with women and girls who have family members with HIV/AIDS or single mothers.  She will help them develop their business knowledge and expand markets for income generating projects including crafts.  I will be working in partnership with the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (in their branch office) developing and supporting businesses through the Enterprise Development Program.  We are told we will be in a four bedroom house on the grounds of the State Hospital where other PCVs have stayed, but the roommate situation is not clear and we will try to get info on that next week.  

Keetmans map w hosp

Next Weds we will depart for 5 days of shadowing a PCV in Ondangwa north of Etosha.  He is a CED volunteer who has been there a year now and we will watch what his days are like and then find our way back to Okahandja via public transportation …part of the training “How to Get Around on Your Own in the Land of the Brave.”  We are looking forward to being “shown the ropes” by Bill Brumfield whom we met last week when he came down to present a class for us.


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6 responses to “Finally the location and nature of our assignments are announced!

  • Wendy

    This is good news. Kind of what Barbara was hoping for. I have been thinking of you and sending up strengthening prayers. Bob and I had a two day yard sale last weekend and brought in over $900 and sent out to new homes many, many things. Huge success. $ to UTO! New priest is great. Been at St B for about 4 weeks. Good sermons. Lots of “new” spirit going on.
    Love you guys
    Wendy Gus

  • Foster

    How incredibly exciting – both that you are going to be in such great roles and also that you are part of the naughty group who has been sent home!

  • krista lindy jaeger

    these roles sound so very exciting for you both!

  • Bobi

    In the next month you will have seen Namibia from top to bottom! Excellent! (Assuming you can find your way home on the bus…)
    Love you both!

  • Diana Link

    Hi! Folks, Thanks for keeping us posted. Good luck and God Bless !!!

    LOVE, Mom

  • Lee Ketcham

    Sooooo, is Barbara a possible candidate for a roommate??? Geez I hope so. Sounds like things are coming together however how can a person who has been in Namibia such a short time be proficient in the language?
    Keep us posted.

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