Business Workshops

Yesterday (Weds) we conducted our workshop segment:  Barbara and Sarah Rosen began with Marketing and Promotions followed by me and Janet Hoffman presenting Selling.  Everyone seemed pleased with the interactive learning and we are happy it went so well…and relieved to have our first teaching test behind us.  Barbara received many compliments on her presentation!  The pic is from todays Finance workshop with Chris Sohn left, Imanuel Neib center and Amy Pennybacker on the right.  Imanuel is the owner of IMOTIN Paints, a local paint manufacturer, and my assigned business.  I am working with Imanuel and the NCCI (Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to help get his business healthy again.  He has a very sunny disposition and quick smile and he is respected in the community.  This week he is learning by participating along with 30 other attendees.21Aug download from camera (25)

As you can see below, our “mud hut” is the modern version.   No telling how our final site will compare, but for training we are very comfortable indeed!  (can you spot UCONN Barbie?)

Homestay (2)Homestay 1Homestay (1)

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