Werk werk werk

We are loaded with werk:  prep for tomorrow’s 4-hour business workshop which we are conducting for local business people/entrepreneurs, learning Afrikaans and trying to help our assigned, local businesses.   Felt my first Namibian raindrops on Sunday,,,two of them!  Monday evening walking home from training we enjoyed a brilliant sunset.

18Aug14 (14) sunset

This is Barbara on our street (click pic to enlarge) where our host family lives, just a few houses up on the left.  Try finding 903 13th Av, Okahandja on Mapquest!

18Aug14 (13sm) 

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7 responses to “Werk werk werk

  • Bobi & Ken

    What a beautiful sunset! I never picture Africa as having weather that requires a jacket, but, I guess winter is winter.

  • sallyhp

    Lovely photos! What an adventure for you two…

  • Lee Ketcham

    What a setting sun!!
    Sun’s the same here in Landen and we get such different results!
    Maybe that will happen in other areas as well. 🙂 What we see and hear and what we do with the information can be so individual and different.
    You two have such strong training skills I’m sure there will be much new learning or reinforced learning. Wish I could be a “fly” on the wall.
    Thinking of you and loving the images I receive to keep you “fresh” in mind.

  • Bobi

    Beautiful sunset! It’s odd to see a long sleeved jacket in Africa, but I guess winter is winter is winter…

  • Dee Link

    I was thinking the same thing ! ” a jacket in Africa !?!?!”

  • Foster

    We’re loving your grand adventure! We’re just back from Michigan – a bit different from where you are, but we had a nice family time, and tribute to my sister.

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