Preface: We have only had time to access the internet once a week so far…at the Garden Café. We are hoping to fully and properly set up our mobile phones for internet/on-line operations this week.

We are happy with our choices so far!
No, we are not sure where we will be stationed and may not know for two more weeks (in the 4th week of Pre-Service Training (PST). However, we do know more about the as yet “unofficial” work assignments. Barbara would be working with women and girls to help them learn about and grow businesses. I would be in a similar capacity with men/women and probably in partnership with a branch of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Of 49 PCTs (trainees) there are 17 of us in the Community Economic Development sector; the remainder are in Education, i.e. teaching. Unlike teachers CED volunteers are generally in larger towns/cities. We suspect we will be located in Keetmanshoop, but maybe another large town.
We are very happy and honored to know so many wonderful new friends and family. The PC Staff members, our fellow PCTs and our host family are all welcoming, caring, professional and supportive. We moved in with our host family a few days ago and will stay with them until the end of PST. Deirdre and Godfrey Julie are originally from South Africa. Ten year old Leeds is the son who lives with us full time. His 15 year old brother, Myles attends high school in Windhoek, about 1 hr. 15 min. south of our Okahandja home. He wanted to play rugby, so that is why he is not schooling here. We stay in Leeds’ room while he sleeps in Myles’ room; and they sleep in Myles’ room when he visits on weekends. Their home is very comfortable, clean and modern and on a paved road. I mention that because most roads are not paved and the dust raised by passing cars and the gentle winds has played havoc with my throat and sinuses. I developed a sore throat a week ago after hiking to the reservoir (about 10k round trip). The problem migrated to my sinuses and then to that evil bronchial cough, but yesterday I only had a stuffy nose. Barbara is doing fine except for swelling in her lower left leg. (You may not know that she sprained her ankle and, at the same time, tore some flesh from her shin a couple of weeks before our departure. Because of all the substantial attention given to the wound, we did not realize her ankle was sprained. So, Barbara charged into workouts, jogging and bicycling when she really should have been resting and using crutches.) We are now trying to get her to put her feet up more often so that the swelling, which totally subsides overnight, will not create any lasting effect.
Godfrey manages a local furniture store and had a VERY successful grand opening of the second store at a new mall here. He is also a pastor and, as I write this, he and Deirdre are with Barbara at Sunday service (9AM-11PM). Our language lessons have begun and Barbara is sure to advance quickly as the church service is mostly in Afrikaans. Leeds, Deirdre and Godfrey have been very gracious and helpful with our Afrikaans homework.
The boys are home with me. Leeds was a BIG help this morning by showing me how to do [two loads of] laundry, our first since arriving in Namibia. The clothes filled up four clothes lines in the back yard. I was snapped back to the 1950s by the old, weather-worn, wooden clothes pins (maybe now they are collectibles in the U.S?) The Namibian air is so dry (av. 10% humidity) that the laundry dries very quickly in a fairly constant light breeze. So, do the throat and sinuses!

(Posting this now from Wimpy’s which also has wi-fi and is a 25-minute walk from home.)


Leeds Deirdre Myles

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  • Diana Link

    Hi ! Folks ! SO GOOD to hear from you ! BUT SORRY to hear about Barb’s ankle ! That must be painful ! Steve please give her a hug for me. This week I will be sorting, then recycling a van-load of bottles and cans in Hartford (for CATALES in Middletown) AND mailing and delivering Haddam Bulletins around Middlesex County. Bobi and Ken are still in Colorado. Sheri and John are heading for a 2 week vacation with their camper. Lorraine Michael invited me to stay with her, which was SO NICE ! BUT I have my kitty and things to do here (NOT housework!) I hope things will go well for both of you . Be well and HAPPY!

    LOTS of LOVE, Mom

  • Lennart Lehman

    Nice to hear how you’re doing. Keep up the writing.

  • Barbara W

    Wonderful hearing about your amazing
    Adventure! Touching the World POSITIVLY!!!!

  • kAREN AND Andy

    All sounds great! Is the ebola outbreak causing travel complications between countries ? We really look forward to your news- Thank you for the details which are so interesting- wishing u both continued healing of the ankle and sinuses_ Karen and Andy

  • B.g. Levy

    Hope you and Barbara start to feel better

  • Bobi

    Hi Steve and Barbara,
    We’re so glad that you’re happy with your decision to go and that you’ve met such good people. We hope that you both heal quickly and completely so that you can concentrate on your classes and getting to know everyone there. Lots of love to both of you!
    Bobi & Ken

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