Week One of Peace Corps Training

Windhoek Lager

Last night we enjoyed our first taste of Windhoek Lager with some wonderful Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs).  The worst part of our journey so far was the time in airports and on the ‘equipment.’ Too many hours in the air and in the security lines. Our PC Namibia welcome and hospitality has been very warm and encouraging.  Our dorm rooms are comfortable, the food served in the dining hall is  back home quite good.  Best of all, the people – staff and PCTs – are fabulous.  Monday we begin Week Two and meet our host families.  The next day we move in with our host families for the remaining 8 weeks of training here in Okahandja.  So, all is well with Barbara and me.  A special THANK YOU to all of the friends and relatives who have been so supportive, and for the numerous send-off parties and gatherings.  You are all dear to us and we look forward to seeing you again.


UConn Barbie may have serious jet-lag as she hasn’t left her room all week!


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7 responses to “Week One of Peace Corps Training

  • kAREN AND Andy

    Thanks for the update during a very busy first week! Food, beds, new friends,lager! Life is good! K & A

  • Bobi

    We’re so glad you got to Namibia safely and that your first week was upbeat and enjoyable. Here’s hoping that your whole 2 years is as good! Cheers and Love, Bobi and Ken

  • Dee Link

    AND may all go well for you.
    Lots of LOVE, Mom

  • Foster

    Great to hear the news is good! We had lunch today at the Mediterranean Cafe in Blue Ash that you introduced us to. Looking forward to hearing about your host family!

  • Lee

    whew! great to hear from u.
    Beer and good food – staples of life; glad they are available. looking forward to your experiences and insights.
    Know u are in our hearts daily.
    Lee and Don 🙏

  • Helene Sedwick

    You both look wonderful – not that we expected anything less! Can’t wait to hear about your host family and your training.

    Bill & Helene

  • crystal norman

    Im glad you are having a good time and look forward to hearing more. Its a blessing to log on and see your smiling faces.

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