On May 6th I posted about the pain of giving up our feline family member, Scrapper.  Today we bid farewell to our beloved Randolph.  They both have good homes and will adjust to new, initially frightening, surroundings, but we grieve still… in pain.  Former pets were lost to me because they died, not because I wanted to leave them for another endeavor.  This is a bit easier, but it is painful to go down into the basement and see empty spots where the litter boxes and food dishes were and empty spots in our hearts.   Hopefully, we can visit them both in 2016.  We are thankful for their loving new caretakers.


S and R a

THANK YOU to Dr. Deb McArthur of Peach Grove Animal Hospital for adding Randolph to your professional team!!

Deb McArthur


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  • Diana Link

    Hi! Folks, I am SO SORRY that you have to give away your pets. IF I were younger I’d have been glad to keep them for you ! I hope all goes well !

    LOVE, Mom

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