Six days ’til departure…with Namibia Group 40!

We are excited to be meeting our fellow PCT’s, PCV’s and PC Staff next week.  Meanwhile, even as we struggle with “WHAT TO PACK” we are saying farewell to friends and relatives at luncheons, cocktails, dinners and by phone.  We are so grateful for the caring, loving relationships and we look forward to reunions in 2016 with great enthusiasm!  Barbara and I are very lucky to have their love and support. Group 40

“Some of them look full-grown.”

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In Namibia with the U.S. Peace Corps July 2014 - July 2016. View all posts by Steve Link

2 responses to “Six days ’til departure…with Namibia Group 40!

  • Elle Eddy

    Really been thinking about you two. How wonderful that you get to share such an adventure together. You have my admiration and boundless good wishes. And, BTW, I will want to hear all about your adventures unlike the article you posted several weeks ago Steve. I love looking at other people’s pictures and hearing about other cultures. Cheers, Elle

  • Larry Behymer

    what fun those ostriches are.Don’t get one made at you though. I hope you take some movies or slides. I certainly will miss you two. I got Bryson a part in Beechmonts new show,The Jester Prince. One of the characters dropped out due to personel reasons and they needed a young man who could sing and dance. he also had to be good looking. Bryson fit the bill. I called him. He said yes and he opens on Aug.1st. That’s what The Spirit of Community is supposed to do Correct. I hope you and Barb have a very educational and fun trip. Please stay in touch. Uncle Chris. Yah! Lar

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