Next Up? Safari!

Next Up?  Safari!

It was a joy as always to see Caroline, Oren and Dave, but we won’t see them again until Sept 2016 unless they book that Namibia safari! We love them so much.

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In Namibia with the U.S. Peace Corps July 2014 - July 2016. View all posts by Steve Link

One response to “Next Up? Safari!

  • BarbaraR

    Right. As one of the Peace Corps members wrote, “I read an article in Men’s Health today offering a ten day stay in Namibia to sand board in the desert for $10,000. We are so fortunate to serve and enjoy what this country has to offer.”
    As to us, here are words of wisdom from my friend Vannesa, who has been active in Kenya for the past 9 years: “I am so excited about your next adventure and I really sense that it will be filled with challenges and have a softening (strange word that came to my mind) effect on the rest of your life. Maybe that’s part of giving up so many of the things we feel are our competencies and controls. Sure has broadened me in that way!”

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