Mostly a relaxing last day at Bocas

Mostly a relaxing last day at Bocas
Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

Having “misplaced” $100 cash the day before, we decided to talk to the police in town about it. They told us the only options were to sign a warrant for the arrest of a certain snorkeling guide or to discuss the incident with the company’s owner/manager. We did the latter and he was gracious enough to give us $50 as his [independent] guide was responsible for watching our bag while we were snorkeling. The bag was in a Starfleet SCUBA boat. We returned to the resort and went kayaking, drinking, swimming in the pool, drinking, early dinner, then off to the airport. The afternoon was very relaxing…as you can see. For dinner Barbara had salmon which she said was excellent. I selected the cheeseburger to accompany my mudslide.

The tiny airport presented the only truly uncomfortable part of the day. The building (Isla Colon’s airport) was being reconstructed. There was plenty of electricity for lights, scanner and computer systems, but no one seemed concerned that we were all sweltering in the heat and humidity. The ceiling fans were not moving and there were no other fans in site. Windows were mostly shut tight for security reasons. Waiting for the plane, inside with no air cirulation seemed unnecessary and representative of the island’s overall disinterest in coddling tourists for repeat business.

The hotel manager had told us twice that tourism really just “exploded” 2 1/2 years ago and it takes a while to make changes on island time. This was in response to our credit card and cash problems at the island’s only bank (which housed the island’s only two ATM’s). The largest market and the largest hotels had no ATM’s. So, maybe the islanders are happy with slow to no growth…and I can understand that. BRING PLENTY OF CASH AND KEEP IT SAFE. Credit cards worked fine at the super markets and most restaurants.

Alba was there at PTY again to drive us to our hotel. Beefeaters at the bar and early to bed for a 5:30 AM wake up call the next morning.

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