On the water, in the water, under the water

On the water, in the water, under the water
Isla Colon, Panama

Isla Colon, Panama

Today we slept in, had the breakfast buffet and went into town to meet up with Anthony at Starfleet SCUBA. [see pics] We went to Starfleet because we had met Allie on the plane yesterday and she was there to visit her good friend, Maddy, who happened to work as an intern dive instructor. At the airport we met Maddy and she said we should call Starfleet if we wanted a private snorkel tour. So today we stopped at Super Christina, the gourmet market and purchased fixings for sandwiches for lunch which we took on the boat at 11 AM. Thin, multi-grain pan, fromage d’chevre and prosciuto. The 4-5 hours on the water cost $35 per person. The snorkeling was great…not the best…but enjoyable for both of us. Lunch was fun and Anthony’s little brother loved throwing bread to the fish. This drew more varied and larger fish than we had seen while snorkeling. On the way back to town we saw three dolphins nearby. We could not get close enough for a good pic, but it was thrilling because we had not seen dolphins in the wild before.

Unfortunately, while walking across town Barbara twisted her right ankle on a dip in the sidewalk. It was a bad sprain. Back at the hotel the staff quickly came up with an ice pack and Barbara was immobile for the evening. But Room Service was good and she had a very fine steak and we split four scotch’s. Hey, she needed to ease the pain…and I couldn’t let her drink alone. It was a nice evening in spite of the injury.

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