Carlos takes us to Ollantaytambo + Sacred Valley

Carlos takes us to Ollantaytambo + Sacred Valley
Ollantaytambo, Peru

Ollantaytambo, Peru

Carlos of Condor Travel and Tours was very knowledgeable, easy going but passionate about his his historic region, his city (Cusco), his ancestry and the Andean culture. Our driver was Mauro.

We shopped in the marketplace at Pisac. Barbara haggled like a native! And before touring the ruins at Ollantaytambo, we stopped for a European style lunch at a resort-like restaurant with open, gazebo dining areas. A very good buffet with fine desserts as well. Private parties were there as tourists. They had a little petting zoo with macaws, alpaca, llamas, pequenos (little alpaca with the best wool for making really fine fibre for garments) etc.

That evening would be our last in Cusco, so we had a very fine dinner at Baco (upstairs to the left of La Catedral) see We shared 3 superb martinis; Barbara had an alpaca burger while Steve started with boiling tomato soup followed by a perfect, thin crisp crust pizza with sliced figs and mozarella, half of which went to the night staff at our hotel. The service was as good as I have experienced …even counting Daniel in The Big Apple

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