Mountain Biking in the Andes

Mountain Biking in the Andes
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Okay, so we are not really mountain bikers…abundantly clear today! Nevertheless, we had a wonderful experience: Gravity Peru is the adventure company that picked us up at 10 AM. As if living 11,000 feet above sea level wasn’t taxing our stamina already, Chet and our driver took us up to about 2,000 more feet above Cusco. Cool and clear with fabulous views of the Andes, the countryside and later the city, we started off on easy dirt roads which narrowed to paths and later became rocky, craggy, treacherous washouts that only avid, highly experienced mountain bikers should traverse. So that is when I tumbled off my bike and rolled a few times down a VERY steep incline. WARNING: my helmet saved me from serious injury. Wear your helmets. So going up hill may take your breath away at 13k ft, but it is safe. Going downhill easy on the lungs and not so safe. Barbara slipped and landed on her bottom twice, but the second time she was WALKING down the washout. Chet was a very nice young man who is from Vermont and has been at Stow Mountain working half the year and in Cusco the other half.

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