Touring Cusco [elevation: 11,000 feet]

Touring Cusco [elevation: 11,000 feet]
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Elevation has me huffing and puffing after climbing 16 steps up to the hotel lobby! The thin, dry air along with the alcohol led to sinus problems and poor sleep last night. But we are excited about really being on our own to explore this ancient Peruvian city this morning.

Good lunch at the local market which was at Plaza San Pedro. The place was packed with people but hardly a tourist in sight! We shared a plate of fried egg over rice with some vegetables. Here is someone’s YouTube video when the place was not at all crowded. We started too with the fresh made juice. uBY
I had a made to order juice of orange and banana. Barbara had carrot juice made up for her. She was concerned about the hygiene at the place. Can’t blame her as the vendors were handling so many fruits and vegetables without washing hands frequently…if at all.

We toured La Catredal and were not permitted to photograph the interior, but here are lots of photos from another tourist: d.php?t=381662 …and I snagged this from, “The Cathedral of Cusco is located on Plaza de Armas, built on the site of
‘Quiswarcancha’, which was an old palace of Inca Wiracocha. The construction of
the cathedral began around 1559, and was completed 100 years later. Many of the
stones, which were used in the construction, were originally a part of the
Saqsayhuaman fortress outside Cusco.
“Inside the cathedral you’ll find the
main silver altar, the cedar choir which is decorated with many carved figures,
several small chapels, and many great paintings from the Cusqueña School of
painting, for example a painting of the Last Supper with a guinea pig as the
main dish.

“The huge bell called ‘Maria Angola’ hangs in the right tower
of the cathedral. The bell was cast in 1659, is more than 2 meters high, weighs
around 6 tons, and the sound of it is said to be heard ringing almost 40
kilometers away. It is the largest bell in South America. ‘Maria Angola’ is
named after an Angolan slave, who threw gold into the crucible where the bell
was being made.

There are two smaller churches connected to the
cathedral. Standing in front of the cathedral you’ll find ‘the Church of Jesus
Maria’ (from 1733) on the left, and ‘Capilla del Triunfo’ (from 1536) on the
right. ‘Capilla del Triunfo’ was the first Christian church in Cusco, and was
built over the foundations of the ancient ‘Suntur Wasi’ temple (God’s

“The entrance fee was 25 soles (November 2009). Photos were not
allowed inside the cathedral.
Written Jan 6, 2010Exhausted and short on breath, we had a picnic dinner in the evening. It included a good Malbec, cheese, tomato and spinach leaves… in our room. Nighty night.

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