Lima to Cusco

Lima to Cusco
Cusco, Peru

Cusco, Peru

Good breakfast buffet at the hotel. Hilda and Alfredo, Gamboa Tours, picked us up in the morning for the 10:10 AM flight from Lima to Cusco. On the way to the airport we stopped in traffic at a red light and a young many began doing acrobatics across the intersection. His flips and back-flips were impressive as was his timing. He stopped just in time to walk among the cars asking for tips before the light turned green! We had an easy 1 hr 20 min flight on another TACA airbus.

We were met at the Cusco airport by Wilfredo of Condor Travel. He was VERY helpful and was quite concerned to hear that we had not yet reserved our admission tickets for Machu Picchu. At the hotel he immediately sat down with us at the computer to purchase those vouchers on-line. To ensure being among the 2,000 who are allowed to enter MP each day be sure to RESERVE your tickets at least a few weeks in advance.

Cusco was sunny and dry. In the high 70’s, but cold at night (jackets and sweaters a must). We settled into our room, then toured the Plaza in our neighborhood (pics) of San Blas. The streets were filled with people, alpacas, dogs, cats, pigeons and lots of vendors.

Dinner that evening at Pacha Papa’s: courtyard dining under gas heaters near the baking oven which provided fresh hot buns (pic); excellent food and service at very reasonable prices. urants/novo/pacha.html

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