Time was short in Panama City

Time was short in Panama City
Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

Slept late in Atlanta, had lunch at a Longhorn Steakhouse and early dinner at the airport. Departed ATL at 5:50 and arrived in Panama City around 9 PM. Our Gamboa Tours driver, “Marshal” was very informative. Had no sympathy for the people in “shanty town” because it was obvious the shanties had large screen satellite TV’s. (A rather myopic view of the situation, no? But he was very proud of his country.) In the dark we could make out a long line of ships queued up for the Canal.

Late evening entering the lobby aka casino was a bit off-putting because of the bustling activity and loud music, but the front desk people were very helpful and had a breakfast delivered to our room at 3:30 AM so that we could take advantage of the breakfast plan and still make our flight. The room was very fine and spacious…and quiet! 3-4 hrs sleep before pickup by Gamboa Tours to return us to the airport.

All was good (top quality hotel) except we would have preferred to roll into and out of bed at an airport hotel and replace the one-hour roundtrip shuttle with shuteye.

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Balboa Avenue, Miramar Plaza
Panama, Panama 008162007

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