John Prine’s oatmeal

“Bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down…and won.”   My morning also has started with deep disappointment:  this email from Johnny Shuba is only good for $10.5m.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  But I am happy to learn that I had a relative in the theatre arts!

Good Day

This is to inform you that your information appears during my search whom to present as next of kin to our late costumer who died and left the sum of US$10.5m (Ten million Five hundred thousand United State Dollars).

My name is Mr. John Shuba. I am a director/ consultant in one of the leading private Banks. It has been two and half years that I have been trying to make a direct contact to you. The above total sum will be on your name if you wish to get this done with me, But to be sure and to avoid any form of mistake, we will appreciate if you will email me these information’s, Your name in full…, Your direct telephone number…., Your country of origin…., for verification before the process of you been full beneficiary to the said funds, all the documentation will be made after I have receive your information’s and also speak with you, then we can proceed and get this done.

I will be waiting to get your response on this before further details can be elaborated to you in full on the situation there in.

Thank you

Mr. John Shuba


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